SyncEvolution 1.4.1 released

The first bug fix release in the 1.4 series addresses some issues which occurred on some systems. Several issues with Akonadi were fixed.Read more

SyncEvolution 1.4 released

The 1.4 release of SyncEvolution replaces 1.3.2 as the stable, supported release.

1.4 is the first stable version with the in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) PIM Manager included. GENIVI Diagnostic Log and Trace (DLT) is also supported. For more information about this aspect of SyncEvolution, see the PBAP and PIM entries in the 1.3.99 release notes and these Automotive Linux Summit slides.

The biggest change for normal Linux users is Google CalDAV/CardDAV authentication with OAuth2. These are the open protocol that Google currently supports and thus the recommended way of syncing with Google, replacing ActiveSync and SyncML (both no longer available to all Google customers).Read more

SyncEvolution released

This the final release candidate for 1.4. No further changes planned unless new problems are found.Read more

SyncEvolution released

This update focuses on SyncEvolution in IVI again. It adds support for GENIVI Diagnostic Log and Trace (DLT) and enhances searching in the unified address book.

The biggest change for normal Linux desktop users is enhanced support for recent distros. Binaries on now work with EDS >= 3.6 and < 3.6. Distros with libical1 like Ubuntu Saucy are also supported. Automated testing was updated to cover these newer platforms more thoroughly.

The binaries support Google CalDAV in combination with GNOME Online Accounts (GOA) >= 3.8 and and Google CardDAV with GOA >= 3.10. To use CardDAV with GOA 3.8, one has to patch or recompile GOA.

Support for Google CalDAV/CardDAV with Ubuntu Online Accounts requires recompilation of SyncEvolution with one additional patch.Read more

PIM - it's all about the contacts

I just presented the work done on PIM in Tizen IVI 3.0 at the Linux Foundation's Automotive Linux Summit.

The work is based on a considerably enhanced Evolution Data Server, libphonenumber, folks,Read more

SyncEvolution released

SyncEvolution now supports Google CalDAV/CardDAV with OAuth2 authentication. These are the open protocol that Google currently supports and thus the recommended way of syncing with Google, replacing ActiveSync and SyncML (both no longer available to all Google customers).Read more

SyncEvolution released

The focus of this development snapshot is enhanced performance of syncing. With EDS, contacts get added, updated or loaded with batch operations, which led to 4x runtime improvements when importing PBAP address book for the first time. Removing unnecessary work from any following PBAP sync resulted in a 6x improvement.Read more

SyncEvolution released

So far the development cycle for SyncEvolution 1.4 mostly focused on implementing the "PIM Manager" D-Bus API for IVI use cases [1]. The pre-release starts to include more features and bug fixes again for syncing. For example, several ActiveSync improvements from Graham Cobb were included.

The remaining goal for 1.4, besides more testing of course, is to work out how to support Google CalDAV and CardDAV. I am in discussion with Google to get SyncEvolution whitelisted for use with these APIs - fingers crossed...Read more

SyncEvolution 1.3.2 released

Minor (or major, if you depend on auto syncing) bug fix release. Automatic syncing only ran once and notifications were not translated.Read more

SyncEvolution 1.3.1 released

SyncEvolution 1.3.1 fixes some minor issues found after 1.3 was released.Read more

SyncEvolution 1.3 released

After almost three months of public beta testing the next major version of SyncEvolution is ready for release. The pre-releases did have the desired effect of flushing out bugs not found by nightly testing alone. Thanks everyone for packaging, downloading and testing them!Read more

SyncEvolution and released, bug tracking at

Work towards the 1.3 release of SyncEvolution continued with two more snapshots since the last announcement.

The project also moved its bug tracking from to Most of the old issues were already migrated, the rest will follow later. Please file new issues there.

The git repos are still at; they will move to eventually.Read more

SyncEvolution released

Next step towards SyncEvolution 1.3. It adds a workaround for Funambol's OneMedia and fixes an old bug which became more severe in Also has some usability improvements for CalDAV/CardDAV. Hopefully it will not take long to stabilize the code, so test it now while it is still hot :-)Read more

SyncEvolution released

First pre-release of SyncEvolution 1.3. Contains bug fixes that were not backported to 1.2.x, so upgrading is recommended. For example, SyncEvolution 1.3 is required for Evolution 3.4, otherwise photos are not exported properly. Further workarounds for recent changes in Google CalDAV were added.

Major new features are KDE/Akonadi support in the binaries and ActiveSync support (only in the source code). The D-Bus server and local sync were rewritten considerably, to make the code cleaner and more robust. The CalDAV backend now also supports tasks and memos.Read more


I'll give a talk about SyncEvolution and EDS in the Mobile Linux Dev Room at FOSDEM on Saturday. I hope to see you there :-)

For those who can't come, attached are the slides.Read more

SyncEvolution 1.2.2 released

Maintenance release with various bug fixes.Read more

SyncEvolution 1.2.1 released

Maintenance release with various bug fixes.Read more

State of the union, version 1.2

With SyncEvolution 1.2 released and work on 1.3 under way it is a good time to take a small break and reflect on the state of the SyncEvolution project.


This is meant to give anRead more

SyncEvolution 1.2 released

The major new feature of the 1.2 release is support for non-SyncML protocols in general and CalDAV/CardDAV in particular. ActiveSync support is in development and will be in 1.3. These protocols are implemented as backends which are combined with other backends by SyncEvolution in a so called "local sync". The GTK sync-ui does not yet support configuring non-SyncML protocols. See the README.rst and man page for more information on how to use the new feature via the command line.Read more

SyncEvolution + non-recursive Automake

Krzesimir Nowak wrote about his work on converting SyncEvolution from an autotools project with recursive make to non-recursRead more

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