Sony Ericsson W595

Key Value
Phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson
Phone model W595
Phone firmware version R3EG004
Data that can be synchronized contacts/events
Data that has problems events
SyncEvolution version 1.0 beta 3
SyncEvolution platform Linux desktop
SyncEvolution backend Evolution
Configuration template included in SyncEvolution: generic Sony Ericsson template included since SyncEvolution 1.1, with entries for tasks and memos; disable these if 595 refuses to sync
Tested by sergio


"All day events" in Evolution are seen as "all day events + next day" in the mobile (bug report). If a new "all day event" is created in evolution, e.g. a 2 days event: 14-05-10 till 15-05-10. After synchronization the 16-05-10 is highlighted as well in my mobile-calendar( 14 and 15 are described as All-day events and 16 as event till 00:00).

Configuration template:

=== template.ini ===
fingerprint = Sony Ericsson W595
=== config.ini ===
peerIsClient = 1
remoteIdentifier = PC Suite
=== sources/calendar/config.ini ===
type = calendar:text/calendar
sync = two-way
uri = Calendar
=== sources/addressbook/config.ini ===
type = addressbook:text/vcard
sync = two-way
uri = Contact


Regarding the all-day issues, first check that server and phone use the same time zone. Then increase the loglevel to 3, run syncs which demonstrate the problems with test data, then report as bugs.

For each bug, have a look at the .html log files in ~/.cache/syncevolution and cut-and-paste the relevant parts, which is the manipulation of the events.

Rebooting the mobile solved one of the problems. The second one is reported as a bug. Make me know if you need more information.