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i tested the s60 template with a nokia e75; contact and calendar works great! i worked only with the gui (sync-ui)

I was able to sync with a Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, following the instructions in Mobileyog.

An operation note: to make it actually sync I had to remove the check-mark of Notes in the SyncEvolution settings.

Great work, tanks a lot!

Hi, I want to use syncevolution but I've the following problem At each synchronization for the calendar the same content grow of 1 for example if I'd marked for the 1st of October 2010 at 15,00 Dentist and sync I'll have in Evolution end in the mobile. At the following sync I will have two of 1st of October 2010 at 15,00 Dentist at following sync **3 of 1st of October 2010 at 15,00 Dentist ** Is that clear ? Do you have any tips ? Does any body have the same problem ? Thank you

It's called "entry duplication" (ore something like that). It usually happens only when slow sync is triggered.

Slow sync should be triggered by something going wrong (or which has gone wrong in the previous synchronization), but recently I'm getting duplicated entries in my addressbook, too. This is quite strange, as I did not change anything in my configuration. Also, this happens only on my (old but good) Nokia E61, while it is not happening with my Nokia 6220 Classic.

I'm still trying to understand what's happening.

The best to debug this is to run all syncs with loglevel=4 and maxlogdirs=0, which will keep all sessions. Then once something goes wrong, it is possible to go back to the session where it happened and analyze the problem.

Syncevolution has been working fine on my N900 for many months, todays firmware update has broken it and it is no longer able to sync, giving me an error 401

As it still works on my second N900 (without the update installed) I am sure that this is due to the firmware update

I'm trying to connect to memotoo, using the version 0.7, no other version is available in the catalogues even under or extra-devels

any help would be nice, thanks

Please note that is one of the programs I most use, I do hope that some one can look into it ....

UPDATE : problem solved, I notices that the config file were not in the same places and folders as my other N900 not updated to PR1.3, so I reflashed the N900 and the eMMC to factory state, reinstalled SyncEvolution and voilà all is well, it obviously doen't like the update leaving the old data files on the eMMC which is by default with Nokia N900

Sync will work fine for addressbook, calendar, memo and todo, if you don't use german umlaute. In addition there are no problems for entries created in evolution which contain these special chars. But if you create an entry with umlaute on your mobile it will not work.

syncevo-dbus-server output:

[INFO] /usr/libexec/syncevo-dbus-server: ready to run
[INFO] Server sending SAN
[INFO] calendar: started
[INFO] calendar: adding "Wette 2 Kästen Bier"
[ERROR] calendar: calendar: storing new item: Connection was disconnected before a reply was received
[ERROR] calendar: calendar: retrieving item: [email protected]: Disconnection or out-of-memory
[ERROR] addressbook: Error allocating address book
[INFO] addressbook: inactive
[ERROR] addressbook: fatal error (local, status 10500)

So do not create items with german umlaute on your mobile and use "ae" "ue" "oe" instead.

That's interesting. The Evolution Data Server seems to die when it is asked to store this event. Can you provide further details (which Evolution version, which distro) and send me (patrick.ohly at the -log.html file for such a failed sync? Ideally increase the loglevel to 4 before syncing.

syncevolution will not work. There is an relocation error.

/usr/lib/ Symbol SySync ConsolePrintf, version VER-1.0 not defined in file with link time reference

OS: linuxmint 15 Olivia evolution 3.6.4 server funambol 10.0.3

In sync-ui configuration impossible the command gksu syncevolution comes in terminal without relocation error

Can you help me?