Related Projects


Genesis is a graphical frontend for SyncEvolution written in PyGTK. It makes SyncEvolution accessible without having to use a command line and provides graphical feedback of transaction results.


versionSync's purpose is to provide a system for restoring versioned PIM data, with an intuitive and portable user interface. Using the program web interface, called VersionSyncWebApp, it's possible to search through the different entries and their different revisions and restore them.


The pim-synchronization project is aimed at efficiently and easily using SyncEvolution server on a low-performance computer server.


By making their source code available under the GPL, Funambol is providing the open source community with a great opportunity to reuse code instead of reinventing the wheel. SyncEvolution would have been impossible without that code and the help of the Funambol developers.


In 2009, Synthesis made their core SyncML Engine open source so that SyncEvolution 0.9 and Moblin could use it. Starting with that version, SyncEvolution switched to the Synthesis Engine and no longer uses any code from Funambol.


Thanks to Mark's hard work and dedication, ScheduleWorld now works well together with SyncEvolution and properly stores Evolution's PIM data. It is the server that SyncEvolution is mostly tested with.