"I just recently switched to Evolution and was able to set up syncevolution with no problems at all (I'm not going to go on about how much easier this has made my life!)." -- Alex Perry, 04.08.2008

[About iPhone port]: "I am at a point where I have tried the commercial versions of this type of product and they are screwing up my data. Your application is the only one not screwing with my data. ... I tried the SyncJE client on the iphone. The calendar and the notes work correctly but the contact data does not place the information in the correct fields. I also tried your client. I have not tried the client from the app store (funambols client) ... All of the clients I have tested against scheduleworld.com, my.funambol.com and a horde/kronith server I have running here. Like I said, your client is the only one which puts the contact data in the correct fields." -- Gene Parks, 28.07.2008, in private email.

"On this "Thank A Dev Day" I want to thank you for making my life so much easier. SyncEvolution is one of those quiet workhorse programs we don't often notice but rely on all day. Cheers to your hard work and its wondeful result!" -- Juha Siltala, 27.03.2009, in private email. He has used SyncEvolution at least since 2007.

"Best syncing solution I'm aware of for [Maemo] OS2008" -- benny1967, 10.07.2009, hoping that someone will compile and support it on more recent Maemo releases. Help would be welcome.

"Syncevolution has become a part of my life and I'd hate to miss some of its functionality." -- Oskar Welzl, 03.11.2009

"SyncEvolution, managed to snarf the contacts off my Nokia 6500 with the fubar SyncML which confounded both Nokia PC Suite and Mobical!" -- Robert McQueen, via Twitter, 10.05.2010

"I use SyncEvolution with my Nokia E71. Works flawlessly.", "I've been using syncevolution on the N900 for over six months now, and it's been working like charm, no problems whatsoever." -- seen on Slashdot

I am now using the latest Syncevolution v.1.1.1. with the Genesis Sync 0.6.2.
GUI, syncing a Nokia E52 via Bluetooth to the Evolution mail client on a Dell
Latitude D630 laptop running Ubuntu 10.10. Finding this solution among the
many not working or hardly working ones took many, many hours. Installing
Syncevolution, Genesis Sync and finally syncing... took but 5 minutes... (if
that...) :-)
-- Alex Klocksin, 14.01.2011

All private email published with permission.