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PIM - it's all about the contacts

I just presented the work done on PIM in Tizen IVI 3.0 at the Linux Foundation's Automotive Linux Summit.

The work is based on a considerably enhanced Evolution Data Server, libphonenumber, folks,Read more


I'll give a talk about SyncEvolution and EDS in the Mobile Linux Dev Room at FOSDEM on Saturday. I hope to see you there :-)

For those who can't come, attached are the slides.Read more

State of the union, version 1.2

With SyncEvolution 1.2 released and work on 1.3 under way it is a good time to take a small break and reflect on the state of the SyncEvolution project.


This is meant to give anRead more

SyncEvolution + non-recursive Automake

Krzesimir Nowak wrote about his work on converting SyncEvolution from an autotools project with recursive make to non-recursRead more

Question for Sony Ericsson users: charset?

A Sony Ericsson K800 user reported a problem with non-standard characters (German umlauts in his case).Read more

Help wanted: maintainers for Maemo and Mac OS X

SyncEvolution 0.9 beta 3 is released and I still haven't found the time to try out whether the 0.9 series still compiles on Maemo and Mac OS X. Unless someone with some skills in compiling software on those platforms and the necessary motivation steps up, these platforms might not be supported in the initial 0.9 release.Read more

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