Compatibility with Nokia 6220 Classic

NOTE: with Syncevolution 1.1 the Nokia 6220 classic is correcly identified as NOKIA by sync-ui and the sync works perfectly with sync-ui. No further tricks/configurations are needed. Therefore please ignore my comments below if you are using Syncevolution 1.1 or higher.

Nokia 6220 Classic works but withs some tricks. Please follow my instructions carefully and never ever forget to backup your data first.

Key Value
Phone manufacturer Nokia
Phone model 6220 Classic
Phone firmware version
Data that can be synchronized contacts/events/
Data that has problems **
SyncEvolution version 1.0 beta 3/1.0/...
SyncEvolution platform Linux desktop - Ubuntu 9.10 and Ubuntu 10.04
SyncEvolution backend Evolution
Configuration template included in SyncEvolution: Nokia S60
Tested by ianni67


*Works, but with some tricks:

  • must pair the device before, through the bluetooth applet or Blueman
  • Can use the sync-ui GUI, ONLY FOR INITIAL PHONE DETECTION AND PHONE TYPE ASSIGNMENT. After pairing the device, run sync-ui and let it detect the phone and manually choose the s60 configuration. Then hit the "save and use" button. DO NOT SYNC YET.
  • in the ~/.config/syncevolution/default/peers/nokia s60 directory, edit the file config.ini and change properly the remoteIdentifier parameter to PC Suite.
  • now enter the directory ~/.config/syncevolution/default/peers/nokia s60/sources/addressbook and edit the config.ini file: choose an appropriate mode for syncronization (see below).
  • in the same file set the type as addressbook
  • set the URI as Contacts.
  • repeat for the file config.ini in the directory: ~/.config/syncevolution/default/peers/nokia s60/sources/calendar
  • edit the file config.ini and set the mode to none
  • now enter the directory ~/.config/syncevolution/default/peers/nokia s60/sources/calendar+todo
  • set the type as virtual:text/calendar
  • set the uri as Calendar

To avoid problems, please pay attention to the very first synchronization:

The following operations will substitute all Contacts in your phone with those in Evolution. If you want to do the other way, substitute below the string "refresh-from-server" with the string "refresh-from-client".

  • backup both the phone memory (to the SD card) and your Evolution directory
  • empty your phone addressbook and calendar
  • DANGER!: set the sync mode in the config.ini files to refresh-from-server. Otherwise you will wipe out all your data from Evolution.
  • perform a first sync SEPARATELY only for Contacts and, after that, only for Calendar. This can be done by setting in the respective config.ini files the sync type to "none" for the source you are not going to sync.
  • In other words, you want to: exclude calendar and sync only addressbook, and then exclude addressbook and sync only calendar.

After the first sync you can set both configs to two-way. Everything will work out of the box.

DON'T USE THE SYNC-UI interface for changing configuration and/or for synchronizing, as it does not manage the whole complexity of the config.ini file and might mess up your configuration. Instead, use the usual command: syncevolution "nokia s60"

Configuration template:



syncevolution 1.0.1:

this new version uses the ID's of the devices as the configuration names, therefore please substitute "your-device-ID" instead of "nokia s60" in the above instructions.

The new sync-ui GUI now seems to work, but I still experienced some intermittent troubles (error 20001) and therefore decided to continue to use the shell interface.