Synchronization with Google for contacts is support since SyncEvolution 0.9.

Graphical synchronization UI

Use the graphical Sync UI to configure synchronization with Google for contacts. In MeeGo, do the following:

  1. Launch the ‘Sync’ application from the ‘Applications’ panel.
  2. Select ‘Google’ in the ‘Network sync’ section.
  3. Enter your username and password, and select whether you want to send and receive changes to and from Google.
  4. Click the ‘Save and use’ button
  5. You should now see the main ‘Sync’ screen. with Google listed as a synchronization provider, and Contacts listed underneath it.
  6. Click ‘Sync now’ to begin the synchronization process.
    Once synchronization is complete, you will be told how many changes were applied, and will be able to see the new contacts in Evolution. If there are errors, you are given the option to edit the settings.


Google follows the vCard 2.1 specification, and thus does not support some of the vCard 3.0 additions, nor some of the common extensions. As a result, several properties are not synchronized (nickname, birthday, spouse/manager, URLs, ...). Only one top-level organization seems to be supported. For details, see the SyncEvolution documentation.

Regarding Google's SyncML support, refresh-from-client and one-way-from-client sync modes are not supported. Deleting contacts moves them out of the main address without deleting them permanently. When adding such a contact again, the server discards the data sent by the client and recreates the contact with the data that it remembered.

SSL Certificate problems

Because SSL certificate checking for Google works only with libsoup, if the platform has a patched libsoup (see GNOME bug 589323 for details) or libsoup 2.28 or higher, certificate checking remains turned off by default for Google. If your platform has a suitable libsoup (like Moblin 2.0 or MeeGo), then enable checking with:

  syncevolution --configure \
                --sync-property SSLVerifyServer=true \
                --sync-property SSLVerifyHost=true \

Google Calendar sync

Synchronization with Google Calendar is only supported indirectly through other SyncML services, like ScheduleWorld and GooSync, because Google itself does not provide access via SyncML.