Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Key Value
Phone manufacturer Nokia
Phone model Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Phone firmware version 50.0.005
Data that can be synchronized contacts/events/tasks/memos
Data that has problems contacts
SyncEvolution version 1.0
SyncEvolution platform Linux desktop
SyncEvolution backend Evolution
Configuration template included in SyncEvolution: yes, generic Nokia template in releases >= 1.1
Tested by cre


Contacts photos does not sync, or rather seemes to be synced but is not visible on phone, and upon next sync the photo is gone in Evolution as well.

Configuration template:

=== template.ini ===
fingerprint = Nokia 5800
=== config.ini ===
peerIsClient = 1
remoteIdentifier = PC Suite
=== sources/calendar+todo/config.ini ===
evolutionsource = calendar,todo
type = virtual:text/calendar
uri = Calendar
=== sources/addressbook/config.ini ===
type = addressbook:text/vcard
sync = two-way
uri = Contacts
=== sources/calendar/config.ini ===
type = calendar:text/calendar
sync = two-way
=== sources/memo/config.ini ===
type = memo:text/plain
sync = two-way
uri = Notes


On my system, photos added on the phone is synced back to Evolution, but not the other way around. I haven't had time to look into it more. I suggest you file a bug and supply these guys with the debug output...

I ran "syncevo-phone-config -b My-Bluetooth-MAC -c Nokia5800", which configured everything correctly except for the calendar. The latter got disabled:

sync = disabled
type = calendar
uri = calendar

I needed to manually change "sync" and "uri" (please note the upper-case "Calendar")

sync = two-way
type = calendar
uri = Calendar

PS: Syncevolution is by far the best Sync-Solution I know. A big thanks to the developers. :-)