Nokia E52


After a little misfiring, SyncEvolution worked beautifully syncing over 2'000 contacts from Evolution to my Nokia E52. It's now keeping all my contacts, memos (notes), calendar entries and todos up to date between the two packages.

Key Value
Phone manufacturer Nokia
Phone model E52
Phone firmware version 051.018
Data that can be synchronized contacts/events/tasks/memos
Data that has problems
SyncEvolution version
SyncEvolution platform Ubuntu 10.04
SyncEvolution backend Evolution
Configuration template included in SyncEvolution: Nokia
Tested by Callum Macdonald


Hello, My Dad has tried this out and he failed to sync the calendar entries; the best he got was the contacts synced. So he wondered if you could tell what exactly you did to achieve the full synchronization?.

Plus, he noted that in the settings here [ as in the step-by-step instruction given here [ there was no s60 option available :(

Thank you so much, Sofia

@Sofia, I have written that step-by-step guide. Is your dad still facing the problem? Which phone he is using? If you can also check if he is having latest version of syncevolution.

hi. i'm a newbie with the evolution, just tried to synchronise with e52. never found a step-by-step guide, where to look for? thank you!

I had the same problem initially with my Nokia 6120c. I ended up doing all my syncing from the command line once I'd set it up using sync-ui, and it works well. Even if you are nervous of the command line, it's actually quite easy.

There are more details in the entry for Nokia 6120c