Nokia N85

Key Value
Phone manufacturer | Nokia
Phone model | N85
Phone firmware version | 30.101
Data that can be synchronized contacts/events/tasks/memos
Data that has problems none
SyncEvolution version 1.1.1-2
SyncEvolution platform Ubuntu 10.04
SyncEvolution backend Evolution 2.28.3
Configuration template included in SyncEvolution: nokia, by default, I think
Tested by jaumeGRA


Absolutely surprised when it worked great just after installation!

Just some problems with the contacts but it's due because the program syncs with the default "Personal" address book (and it's my worst one, I will work on it). An idea for the GUI: it would be better if we could choose the Evolution adress book to sync (I know I can do that from the command line).

Five minutes later and searching for problems:

  • the Catalan translation is not fine, some dialogues appear in English.
  • after syncing, the GUI says the number of changes in "notes" and "contacts", but not in "Appointments ans tasks" (but they sync ok).

Thank you for your job!