Nokia N86 8MP

Key Value
Phone manufacturer Nokia
Phone model N86 8MP
Phone firmware version 30.009
Data that can be synchronized contacts / calendar(the latter when the stars are aligned just perfectly)
Data that has problems to-do (not tested) / memo (occassional duplicates
SyncEvolution version 1:0.8.1-2
SyncEvolution platform Maverick, Ubuntu 10.10
SyncEvolution backend Evolution 2.30.3
Configuration template included in SyncEvolution: NOKIA
Tested by Heviiguy


Quite pleasantly surprised when I got this working with minimal set-up! My only problem is that I can't sync any of the calendar entries.

After doing a bit of digging, I noticed that the "PC Suite" profile on the telephone didn't have "Calendar" selected. Confidently assuming that the problem could thus be solved easily, I selected the entry and Sync'd once again. This time, however, I was greeted by Error 406. De-selecting "Calendar" re-enabled successful syncing.

I wonder if the problem may be linked to my convoluted use of "Mail for Exchange" on the phone to sync my Google Calendar entries. More digging...

An additional concern: It would be much better if I could choose which Evolution Address Book syncs. I'd rather not use the default "Personal" address book since the name doesn't reflect its purpose (my preference is "Fone Sync"). Any way that I can get around this? I suppose that the same question would apply to my separate calendars, once I get that far.


You can do that from the command line:

syncevolution --configure --source-property evolutionsource="Fone Sync" @default calendar

This will work for all configs in the @default context, in other words, everything created by the UI. The UI itself cannot choose the calendar.

I removed the Mail for Exchange mailbox from my phone as a first step to try to get my calendar to sync. I then selected the "Calendar" check box when modifying the "PC Suite" profile on the phone.

I'm not sure if it was a bizarre coincidence but, when I then tried to sync, the option to "Events and Tasks" in the GUI had disappeared!!! Neither was it there when I attempted to reset the settings!

By the way, Error 406 didn't appear (but neither did any calendar entries).

Any suggestions? Please note that I'm beholden to the GUI. The command line is too damn daunting. Nevertheless, if that's my only option, I guess that I'll attack it - if somnebody can hold my hand and walk me through it ;-)

I waded into the config file and removed the modification with the hope that it would "fix" this thing. Lo and behold, it did: I was able to select and unselect the Tasks etc option. However, when I then tried to sync again, that nasty** Error 406 **greeted me once again.

I've removed Mail for Exchange and, unfortunately, I've gone back to using the default calendar as my sync source. I'm also back to Square One - no calendar syncs.

Can somebody shed some light for me, please?

I made a stupid, stupid mistake: I changed the calendar config to point at "Shoe Fone". Wrong! This is the name of my "contacts" mailbox. Duhhh.

I subsequently entered the proper name, synced and, got Error 406 again. However, I noticed that the test appointments entered on my fone appeared in Evo. Unfortunately, those which were entered in Evo did not migrate to the fone.

I'm getting closer but, I could use some help!

I've been fighting with this thing for hours, changing config settings over and over again. No joy. None at all. I can't change the default Evo sync folders. Am I modifying the correct config files? I've not been running the command line but rather editing the actual files (in an attempt to see what's actually happening). This is where I've been changing the config settings:

  • home / .config / syncevolution / default / sources / calendar / "config.ini"

  • More or less the same for the address book (although in "contacts")

Furthermore, I still can't get a two-way sync of calendar events. I've blown an entire Friday night trying to sort this out. My wife is not happy :-(

I can't quite follow what you are doing, and how it fails in which configuration. Here you say that you "can't change default Evo sync source directories", but in another comment you said that "it work's", albeit with the 406 error. So in the case were it worked, did the appointments make it into the right calendar in Evolution?

Changing the evolution calendar (or any other configuration option) will not fix the 406 error. My suggestion for that is that you wait for an update of SyncEvolution with the known issues fixed, then try again. In the meantime, please [/support](file a bug).

I entered a couple of "test appointments" on my shoe fone. I did the same in Evo. After syncronizing, the original fone entries appeared in Evo but, the original Evo entries were nowhere to be seen on the fone.

What is this "Error 406"? For that matter, what do all of the other error codes mean? I've encountered quite a few during this frustrating process. It would be nice to have a reference table available so that I might be able to do a bit of trouble-shooting when I encounter the errors.

"Wait for an update..."? So, in the meantime, I'm screwed, huh? Any idea when such an update might be making its rounds?

I suspect that some of my problems may be due to an ugly Evo database (perhaps this is what one of the error codes is telling me?). I'm having horrendous problems trying to import (via .ldif files) my old Tbird address books into Evo without the latter dropping crucial fields. Since I had tried this numerous times, I thought that maybe the db structure had become corrupt. As a result, I wiped Evo clean off of my box and re-installed. I've not been able to try syncing again because I've still not been able to import my address books correctly. What a pain in the horse's cousin.

I'd be quite happy to file a bug report but, how do I do this? I'm just a simple kinda guy; I'm not one of these command line guys who makes their living by eating and breathing code. Luckily, I was able to figure out how to start this Wiki page without too much trouble!

These are defined by the HTTP and SyncML standards. But how the phone uses them is an entirely different question. 406 is "Optional feature not supported", but what feature that is only Nokia knows. My guess is that it depends on what data you send to the phone. If you want to help, try to nail down what specifically causes it:

  • start with just contact syncing
  • only modify/add one item per sync
  • then switch to calendar syncing, using the same approach
  • use simple events (UTC time zone, no alarms) and make them more complex gradually

I'll try to make an update available for further testing next week, but no promise - I have to do that in my spare time.

Bugs can be reported using the "MeeGo tracker" link under "support" - or use this link.

I've solved the corrupt data import issue (I had to split my CSV filels into separate chunks of 1000 contacts rather than bring-in the entire 3K+ at once). Now my data are complete. Woo hoo!

I also dumped and re-installed SyncEvolution so that I could start with pristine config files. I've only tried syncing contacts thus far. This works like the proverbial charm! However, it only does so from the default backend sources. I'm back to the problem of not being able to modify the sources to the ones which I want to use.

Here's part of my list after running SyncEvolution without the parameters:

Evolution Address Book = Evolution Contacts = evolution-contacts:
   Personal (file:///home/heviiguy/.evolution/addressbook/local/system) 
   ShuFone (file:///home/heviiguy/.evolution/addressbook/local/[email protected])
   Hevï Archive (file:///home/heviiguy/.evolution/addressbook/local/[email protected])
   Hevï Primary (file:///home/heviiguy/.evolution/addressbook/local/[email protected])
   Hevï Masters (file:///home/heviiguy/.evolution/addressbook/local/[email protected])

I've also changed my contacts config to read:

evolutionsource = ShuFone

In spite of the above, I can still only sync to and from the default Personal address book. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

Contacts sync works as desired now!

I discovered my problem: I modified the "contacts" config file when I should have modified the "addressbook" config file!

That's all for tonight. Gotta go to sleep...

I've just turned off the option to sync Notes (Memos in Evo). I had to because each sync resulted in another batch of memos being added onto the phone and onto the box. I can see why (it seems that the memos are being time-stamped and being given a unique identification with such during each sync. Hence they are seen as "new" entries which should be synced) but I can't alleviate the problem.

Syncing Contacts is still a struggle. I cannot sync the entire address book.

I start the process with an empty address book on the phone. To eliminate other potential sources of problems, I create a new address book in Evo and move a group of contacts into that book. I configure SyncEvolution to refer to that folder as the backend source.

  • synce begins
  • only some of the contacts appear on the phone
  • of those which successfully made it to the phone, some are missing field data

  • the full address book with with complete records remains on the box

I create a new contact on the phone and I create another contact on the box

  • sync begins
  • the contacts transferred as expected
  • data is missing on the record transfered to the box
  • edits to that contact do not sync back to the phone

I'm now left with a partial address book on the phone. No matter how many times I wipe out both sources (on the phone and on the box) so that I can start from "fresh", I encounter the same results. It's very perplexing and very frustrating.

I haven't tried note syncing yet. I've opened an issue to track the problem: Nokia N86: duplication of notes/memos

I don't know what you mean with > the memos are being time-stamped and being given a unique identification but perhaps I'll see that when I try it myself (no promise that this will be soon).

For contacts I need more information. Which contacts are not transferred to the phone? Do you get errors?

Nokia phones seem to have some special logic for handling of updates. The usual symptom is that data that gets transferred fine as part of a new contact is ignored as part of an update. I do not yet understand the exact mechanism.

Syncing Notes (Memos) works well. The only problem is that copies of the notes residing on the box are added to the fone at each sync.

For example, if I sync Note A and Note B at 10:58, I will have the following two entries displayed on my fone:

10:58 Note A
10:58 Note B

If I do it again at 10:59, I'll have:

10:58 Note A
10:58 Note B
10:59 Note A
10:59 Note B

Evo seems to understand that there is no difference between the two notes Note A and the two notes Note B; The box never adds another version of Note A or of Note B

No matter what I do*, I can't sync a complete contact list to my fone. I always miss the same 7 contacts.

"doing" includes:

  • backing-up the contact list, deleting the entries in the folder, importing the contacts again
  • deleting the 7 contacts, recreating the contacts
  • the above plus: backing-up (re-indexing, apparently) the Evo database
  • uninstalling syncevolution, wiping the cache and reinstalling syncevolution
  • the above plus: wiping all of the contacts off of the phone
  • the above plus: running a one-way "sync" from the Server


If you take one of the seven problematic contacts and try to send just that single contact to the phone, does that work? I'm wondering if there is an interdependency between these seven contacts and some other contacts in your addressbook, or whether it is simply something unique about them.

If it is the later, can you send me these contacts as .vcf file ("Save As" in Evolution) via private email ([email protected])?

I've wiped-out all of the fone's contacts yet again (or, at least it appears that I had). I did the same to my list at and in Ovi PC Suite on the "evil" part of my dual-boot box. Then, I brought T'bird back to life temporarily so that I could sync an older copy of the Shoe Fone Sync list to PC Suite. This had the effect of re-populating my Shoe Fone contact list as well as backing up to the cloud.

Everything with the contacts appears to be copacetic now.

My next step is to try to sync with Evo - after I define a new Shoe Fone Sync list. Hopefully, this act of entering the contacts through the backdoor will then let me sync properly again.

For the benefit of others following this thread, I had Nuked my fone yesterday by performing a hard reset in the hope that my contact sync problems would be eliminated. Nope. Nada. Same thing. However, my Notes/Memos are no longer duplicated on the fone during syncs. Go figure.

Synced my fone to Evo. The new contact folder was populated by the contacts from the fone. Here's what else happened:

  • Memos started duplicating again (I did not import my old T'Bird Notes while on the Dark Side)
  • Contact changes made in Evo did not sync with the Fone (two-way sync enabled in Address Book .config)
  • Syncs returned Error 412

I've just about had enough of this nonesense. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Unfortunately, I can't accept this because I need it to work always.

I can't waste any more of my time trying to sort this nonesense out on my own.

Conclusion: SyncEvolution does not work on the Nokia N86 8MP

It's been a slice but, I'm outta here...

Recently upgraded to Maverick. Tried the entire exercise again. Lo and behold, it seems to be working now. Many people have commented that they've initially refreshed from server and then, synced two-way. This might be the key; It's what I had done today. Now, my contacts sync between my box and fone as do my calendar entries. I'm getting nothing happening with Memos yet. However, I can live without that for now.

Here are my config settings (note that I do not use the default folders in Evo):

type = calendar:text/calendar
evolutionsource = HeviiCalendar

sync = two-way
type = calendar:text/calendar
uri = Calendar

type = addressbook
evolutionsource = ShuFone

sync = two-way
type = addressbook
uri = Contacts

type = memo
evolutionsource = HeviiMemos

sync = two-way
type = memo:text/plain
uri = Notes`

Regardless of whether the above is "correct" or not, I'm quite happy with it since SyncEvolution 1:0.8.1-2 can keep my contacts and calendar in sync between the Nokia N86 8MP and Evo 2.30.3 running on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick

I'm finally a happy camper! If someone could help clean-up the configs that now seem to be working, we could put out a template specific to this fone (along with the necessary detailed "tweaking" instructions).

No changes were made to the config files yet the gremlins have re-appeared. The first one made its presence known this afternoon when I once again had a duplicate memo entry on my fone (identical to the original one of this morning). A pain, to be sure but, no sweat. However, what's not at all cool is that 15 minutes ago, the formerly functioning sync of my calendar decided to pack it in; Evo only syncs to the fone again. The fone refuses to sync its updates to Evo.

I'm being very calm; I'm not going to throw anything, I'm not going to throw anything, I not going...

Since you started testing with the N86, a bug was found which might explain such random failures as you experience, in particular (or perhaps only) if synchronization is aborted occasionally. Perhaps that explains why it works better for others with other data or hardware.

I have a workaround, but still wait for further analysis by the original authors of libsynthesis before releasing an update.

When it works, it works very well. When it doesn't, watch out!

Just for the heckuvit, this morning I restored to the backup made when SyncEvolution was last playing nicely. Wonders of wonders, the lights came on and the angels began to sing: Everything synced again. In both directions, even.

Can't wait to see what might happen this afternoon ;-)

  • Whereas perhaps it may have occured in the background, I hadn't noticed any aborted synchronizations.