Packaging SyncEvolution

Some of the advanced features of SyncEvolution depend on optional packages. In addition to the more obvious dependencies of the backends there are more subtle dependencies:

  • for good time zone support, libsynthesis must have access to either libical or libecal
  • direct sync with phones depends on bluez and openobex
  • GNOME Bluetooth Panel needs libgnome-bluetooth-dev AND --enable-gnome-bluetooth-panel
  • either glib or libnss should be available, so that SyncEvolution can use SHA-256 hashes instead of a weaker built-in algorithm for hashes in the database dump .ini files
  • libnotify is needed by the syncevo-dbus-server, although --disable-notify can be used to avoid that.
  • Localization data is shared between sync-ui and syncevo-dbus-server and thus needs to be packaged with the core SyncEvolution.
  • libexpat1-dev should be used instead of libxmltok1-dev, because there where unexplained crashes in libxmltok
  • building the man page depends on rst2man (from recent Python docutils)