Phone Compatibility Sony Ericsson W810i


Working configuration for my wife's Sony Ericsson W810i:

Key Value
Phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson
Phone model W810i
Phone firmware version R4CE012 prgCXC1250316_GENERIC_HN R4CE012
Data that can be synchronized contacts/events/tasks/memos, as of yet only tested from phone to Evolution as backup for phone data
Data that has problems None, all seems OK
SyncEvolution version 1.0 beta 2
SyncEvolution platform Linux desktop
SyncEvolution backend Evolution
Configuration template included in SyncEvolution: Sync Ericsson template added in SyncEvolution 1.1
Tested by Erik


This phone is connected via a direct Bluetooth connection as described in using the syncevolution pre 1.0 beta3 instructions. I did not put the IMEI in the remoteDeviceId sync-property. That got added during the first sync.

Configuration template:

syncURL = obex-bt://MAC-address
PeerIsClient = 1
deviceId = generated by syncevolution
remoteDeviceId = IMEI:xxxxxx
enableWBXML = 1
WebURL =
= 1
sync = two-way
type = addressbook:text/vcard
uri = card3
sync = two-way
type = calendar
uri = cal2
sync = two-way
type = memo
uri = note
sync = two-way
type = todo
uri = task2