Sony Ericsson K530i

Key Value
Phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson
Phone model K530i
Phone firmware version CXC1250912_GENERIC_NC R6BC002
Data that can be synchronized contacts/events/tasks/memos
Data that has problems
SyncEvolution version 1.1.1
SyncEvolution platform Linux desktop
SyncEvolution backend Evolution
Configuration template included in SyncEvolution: no, but template Sony Ericsson (SyncML 1.1) works
Tested by Jonatan Åkerlind/natanoj

Comments: I had initial problems when both the phone and Evolution had (previously synced) entries in the events database. Solved by purging the Calendar data from Evolution and syncing again.

Also had some problems when adding tasks in Evolution and changing them on the phone. I cannot reproduce that right now and so i don't know the exact problem.

Configuration and sync was performed using the sync-ui GUI application.

Configuration template:

Shipped Sony Ericsson (SyncML 1.1) works.