This page lists backend features available in SyncEvolution, focusing on the ones officially supported by the main developers in the binaries available on and in MeeGo. Features that might be expected, but are not supported, are also listed.

The table starts with a general feature name and describes how SyncEvolution implements it, linking or pointing to further information whenever possible. Features introduced with a specific release of SyncEvolution or only available as described since a specific release are marked with that release number, like this: 0.9. For the sake of simplicity, only stable releases are considered. They might be mentioned already before the final release date.

Feature Implementation
Evolution Backend
Data types contacts, events, tasks, memos
API libebook for contacts, libecal/libical for events, tasks, memos.
Storage In Evolution Data Server (EDS), depends on EDS backend. Local "file" backend (Berkley DB for contacts, iCalendar 2.0 .ics file for others) is tested, uses vCard 3.0 and iCalendar 2.0 VEVENT/VTODO/VJOURNAL. Exchange <= 2003 worked at some point via EDS Exchange Connector. MAPI backend for Exchange 2007 too unstable. CouchDB backend (contacts) used to fail due to lack of REV support, may work now. LDAP backend tested by users, with uncertain success.
Change tracking Via REV property (contacts) and LAST-MODIFIED (events/tasks/memos). Currently requires reading all items at start of sync.
File Backend
Data types contacts, events, tasks, memos
Storage One file per item in a single directory per database. Native format can be any of those supported by the core engine.
Change tracking Via file modification date. No need to read data at start of sync.
1.2: CalDAV/CardDAV
Data types contacts, events
API HTTP via libneon
Storage remote WebDAV collections
Change tracking Via the eTag of each resource
sqlite backend
Data types contacts
API libsqlite
Storage Custom database schema, intentionally kept simple (one row per contact). Demonstrates how to map from field list to internal format without backend text representation.
Change tracking Via modification time stamp.
XMLRPC Backend
Data types contacts, events, tasks, memos?
API SOAP API that mimics the C++ TrackingSyncSource API, defined and implemented by M-otien.
Storage on remote server
Change tracking Via revision string.
Maemo 5 Calendar Backend
Data types events
Storage unknown, using iCalendar 2.0 format?
Change tracking ?
Apple Mac OS Addressbook Backend
Data types contacts
API AddressBook/ABAddressBookC.h
Storage ?
Change Tracking modification time, requires reading all contacts