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SyncEvolution synchronizes personal information management (PIM) data via various protocols (SyncML, CalDAV/CardDAV, ActiveSync). It syncs contacts, appointments, tasks and memos. It syncs to web services or to SyncML-capable phones via Bluetooth.

Binaries are available for Linux desktops (using GNOME Evolution, or KDE's Akonadi), for MeeGo and for Maemo (Nokia N900, N9).

See the documentation to read an overview, to install SyncEvolution, or to configure and run it. SyncEvolution is stable and works. The compatibility page explains what platforms SyncEvolution runs on and which servers it works with. Known limitations are documented there as well as in the list of known issues. If you need help, then please let us know.

For Developers

The development section provides technical information. It also describes how our work is organized and how to engage with the core developers.



SyncEvolution was started in 2006 by Patrick Ohly with a goal of writing a small, reliable solution for Evolution PIM data synchronization without reinventing the wheel. During SyncEvolution's development, special attention was paid to automated testing and coverage of corner cases of the SyncML, vCard and iCalendar standards to ensure that no data gets lost or mangled. Originally it used the Funambol C++ client library as its SyncML engine, which was already available as open source at that time for Windows and Windows Mobile. It was ported to Linux as part of the SyncEvolution development. Since then the project has grown considerably. In 2009, it was integrated into Moblin and it switched to the Synthesis SyncML engine, with the goal of adding direct synchronization with phones. In 2010 release 1.0 delivered that feature, both in MeeGo 1.0 and on Linux desktops.

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