Information about current problems and the ongoing development are posted as part of the SyncEvolution blog (archive, RSS feed).

Bugs, Patches and Feature Requests#

SyncEvolution issues are tracked in the bug tracker. They used to be part of (referred to as BMC in the change log); that changed in August 2012, to make SyncEvolution truly cross-desktop and cross-project.

You can review open issues and report new issues. To reply to such issues, use the tracker or the main mailing list. Improvements and fixes as patches are welcome in the tracker. Everything currently assigned to “syncevolution-issues” (sometimes shown as “SyncEvolution Community”) is not actively worked on by anyone. If you run into any issues with SyncEvolution during synchronization, try to determine as best you can whether the issue was caused by SyncEvolution, the SyncML library, or the server that you talk to. Issues in a server should be reported using its issue tracker.

Be sure to always include the following information:

  • version of SyncEvolution

  • version of OS and Evolution (if applicable)

  • server and its version (if known)

  • client log if appropriate (.html file in ~/.cache/syncevolution, see syncevolution –print-sessions ), server log if appropriate and available. If they contain confidential data, then you can mail them to the Intel sync team, but please use the issue tracker ID as part of the subject

  • a description of what you do, what you expect to see, and what you get instead. “How to Report Bugs Effectively” explains why that helps resolve problems more quickly.

Mailing Lists#

SyncEvolution Mailing List#

You may subscribe to the SyncEvolution mailing list or browse the archives. Posting without being subscribed is no longer possible because of the high level of spam mails. Now mails from unsubscribed email addresses will get rejected automatically.

Evolution Mailing List#

Questions related to Evolution or evolution-data-server can be asked on the Evolution users list.

Supporting SyncEvolution#

SyncEvolution is free software, available free of charge and you have the freedom of modifying and distributing it. If you are a software developer, the best way to support SyncEvolution is to port it to other backends and systems. Get in touch, if you want to hear more about this. If you are a (hopefully happy) user of SyncEvolution, you can make your appreciation or suggestions for improvements known in several ways. Although SyncEvolution is free, this does not mean that its development did not cost much effort. Quite the opposite, a lot of time went into it.

  • Send a postcard to the author (see main page).

  • Leave comments on the author’s blog.

  • Donations are not necessary and cannot be accepted.