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SyncEvolution "Christmas Edition" 1.1.1 released

  • 26 December 2010

Maintenance release, in particular improving syncing with phones. There was a bug that could cause all kinds of weird behavior after a failed sync with a phone, so updating is highly recommended.

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ScheduleWorld shut down - R.I.P

  • 14 December 2010

End of November, the service shut down. As a user [confirmed later](, a notification had been sent earlier to paying customers. So the site is really gone and not just encountering some temporary problems. There does not seem to be any publicly accessible statement about the shutdown, hence this blog post. I have no information about the reasons for discontinuing the service. The notification to users did not give an explanation either. My guess is that the business side of the service did not work out. Syncing is a very challenging, technically difficult problem. I suspect that many users do not understand how much hard work goes into it and thus are less willing to pay for it. Then there is the competition with free services. If users are happy with online access Google Calendar, why should they bother paying for a synchronization service? There are reasons (see below), but perhaps not enough users care.

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SyncEvolution 1.1 released

  • 26 October 2010

An incremental update, resolving issues where the fixes would have been too intrusive for a 1.0.x release. It replaces 1.0.x as the officially supported stable version. Compatibility with Nokia phones was improved. Some new features were also included (command line options for [manipulating items](, backends for MeeGo PIM storages).

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SyncEvolution status update + available

  • 01 October 2010

SyncEvolution, the release candidate for 1.1, is available for testing. Company supported development shifts towards other areas like [local synchronization]( and non-SyncML protocols, so now would be a good time for contributors to step in and help improve the SyncML part or work on non-SyncML protocols.

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manipulate Evolution, KCalExtended/mkcal, QtContacts PIM items via uniform command line

  • 31 August 2010

The current development version of SyncEvolution, the one which will become 1.1, has some new features which may be useful for command line aficionados like myself: query and manipulate items in the databases that can be accessed with SyncEvolution backends. This is particularly useful for the new PIM storages in MeeGo, QtContacts and mkcal (formerly known as KCalExtended). Both are part of MeeGo Core, but come without any kind of frontend in Core. SyncEvolution provides a uniform way of testing these new storages using the command line or scripts.

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SyncEvolution 1.0.1 released

  • 17 July 2010

A bug fix release. The main reason for releasing it is that SyncEvolution 1.0 no longer worked on recent distros (Fedora Core 13, Debian testing) because of a name clash between the Bluez D-Bus utility code and recent glib.

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SyncEvolution 1.0 released

  • 16 June 2010

After several betas and lot of testing, it’s finally time to announce the end of the 1.0 development cycle: SyncEvolution 1.0 is released and replaces 0.9.2 as the stable version. 0.1 was released over four years ago. It has always bee part of the long-term vision to bring “personal SyncML” to desktops. Thanks to the Synthesis engine and Intel’s support for the project, this goal has been reached and this release really deserves the magic 1.0 label. For those not familiar with the project, SyncEvolution synchronizes personal information management (PIM) data like contacts, calenders, tasks, and memos using the SyncML information synchronization standard. Up to and including 0.9.2, a third-party SyncML server was required. In 1.0, SyncEvolution itself is able to act as a SyncML server, both via HTTP and Bluetooth (direct sync with phones).

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SyncEvolution 1.0 beta 3 released

  • 21 April 2010

SyncEvolution 1.0 beta 3 is available. This release is feature complete and has been tested thoroughly, so only minor bug fixes are expected before releasing 1.0. Beta 3 is ready for day-to-day use and for getting packaged in staging distros as replacement for 0.9.2 or previous betas. If you find issues, please [report them]( Binary packages are provided, including Bluetooth support. Major improvements:

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SyncEvolution 1.0 beta 2 released

  • 24 February 2010

SyncEvolution 1.0 beta 2 is available. Binary packages are provided, including Bluetooth support this time. Major improvements:

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  • 04 February 2010

To learn more about SyncEvolution, come to **FOSDEM 2010**:

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SyncEvolution 0.9.2 and 1.0 beta released, support Maemo 5/Nokia N900

  • 25 January 2010

SyncEvolution 0.9.2 and 1.0 beta are available. 0.9.2 replaces 0.9.1 as the official stable release. Binary packages are provided. Changes in both releases are listed below. 1.0 beta contains all changes included in 0.9.2. Development has already shifted towards 1.0, but if you find issues in either version, please report them. In the 1.0 beta, SyncEvolution itself is already able to act as a SyncML server, both via HTTP and Bluetooth (direct sync with phones). Because of incompatible versions of libbluetooth in different distros, the precompiled 1.0 beta packages do not include Bluetooth support. One has to compile from source to use that. **2010-01-30:** if you had problems installing the 1.0 beta binaries because of dependencies on libbluetooth2 or, then please try again. Binaries without these dependencies replaced the initial set of binaries today (-3 release instead of -2 for .rpm and .deb). To learn more about SyncEvolution, come to **FOSDEM 2010**:

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