SyncEvolution 1.0.1 released#

A bug fix release. The main reason for releasing it is that SyncEvolution 1.0 no longer worked on recent distros (Fedora Core 13, Debian testing) because of a name clash between the Bluez D-Bus utility code and recent glib.


Source, Installation, Further information#

Source snapshots are in i386, amd64 and lpia binaries of 1.0 for Debian-based distributions are available via the “stable” repository. Add the following entry to your /apt/source.list, then install “syncevolution-evolution”:

deb stable main

These binaries include the “sync-ui” GTK GUI and were compiled for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy). Older distributions like Debian 4.0 (Etch) can no longer be supported with precompiled binaries because of missing libraries, but the source still compiles when not enabling the GUI (the default). The same binaries are also available as .tar.gz and .rpm archives in In contrast to 0.8.x archives, the 1.0 .tar.gz archives have to be unpacked and the content must be moved to /usr, because several files would not be found otherwise. After installation, follow the [getting started](/documentation/getting-started) steps.