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SyncEvolution 1.0 alpha 1 released

  • 02 December 2009

Today we are releasing SyncEvolution 1.0 alpha 1, a development snapshot, “because we can” :-) In particular, we can:

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SyncEvolution 0.9.1 released

  • 03 November 2009

SyncEvolution 0.9.1 is available. It replaces 0.9 as the official stable release. Changes since that version are listed below. Changes made between beta releases (for those who helped testing them) are documented in the beta release announcement. There are some known issues, see below. The more issues get reported and fixed, the sooner there will be a 0.9.2 maintenance update, so keep the reports coming. If you want to report something or get involved, then contact the team.

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SyncEvolution 0.9.1 beta released

  • 20 October 2009

SyncEvolution 0.9.1 beta 2 is available, release after fixing all issues which were found in beta 1. It is going to replace 0.9 as the official stable release soon, so this is the chance to find and report problems before they sneak into the final 0.9.1 - die, bugs, die!

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Project Presentation from Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 2009

  • 23 September 2009

For those who are looking for a concise (and more colorful…) introduction to the SyncEvolution project, here are the slides of the talk at the Gran Canaria Desktop 2009.

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SyncEvolution 0.9 released

  • 14 August 2009

SyncEvolution 0.9 has been released! The 0.9 version replaces 0.8.1 as the stable version on Linux desktops. Mac OS X and Maemo have not been updated and remain at 0.8.1 (hint: volunteers wanted). 0.9 binaries in .deb, .tar.gz and (for the first time) .rpm format are provided for x86 in 32 and 64 bit mode. Moblin 2.0 comes with SyncEvolution included in the normal Moblin image, with updates provided via the package repositories. Planning and work for SyncEvolution 1.0 is in full swing. 1.0 is intended to add the SyncML server role for direct synchronization with other devices. If you want to get involved, then contact the team:

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Known Issues in 0.9 beta 3

  • 23 July 2009

This post documents known issues in SyncEvolution 0.9 beta 3 and workarounds. [Update 24.07.2009] The 0.9 beta3 20090723 hotfix solves these issues, so make sure your SyncEvolution is up-to-date.

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SyncEvolution 0.9 beta 3 released: binaries available

  • 22 July 2009

The end is near - SyncEvolution 0.9 is almost done. For the first time in the 0.9 series, precompiled binaries are made available again together with the new 0.9 beta 3 source snapshot. Users are encouraged to upgrade now and give feedback before the final 0.9 release.

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Help wanted: maintainers for Maemo and Mac OS X

  • 22 July 2009

SyncEvolution 0.9 beta 3 is released and I still haven’t found the time to try out whether the 0.9 series still compiles on Maemo and Mac OS X. Unless someone with some skills in compiling software on those platforms and the necessary motivation steps up, these platforms might not be supported in the initial 0.9 release.

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New SyncEvolution Web Site

  • 21 April 2009

The SyncEvolution team is pleased to announce our new web site and place to interact with the SyncEvolution community. Most of the content and documentation from our previous site ( has been migrated here. Let us know what you think!

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