Known Issues in 0.9 beta 3#

This post documents known issues in SyncEvolution 0.9 beta 3 and workarounds. [Update 24.07.2009] The 0.9 beta3 20090723 hotfix solves these issues, so make sure your SyncEvolution is up-to-date.

#4676: error messages caused by incorrect usage of the command line (like typos in the property names) are not printed anymore. Correct command lines work as intended, but both new users (experimenting) and old users (typos) are likely to make mistakes occasionally. No workaround, needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Run with SYNCEVOLUTION_DEBUG=1 in your environment to see the error messages again. #4551: SSL certificate check with libsoup/gnutls currently fails for Google. The last-minute workaround for the SyncEvolution Google configuration template was to use http instead of https. It turned out that Google does not provide SyncML without SSL. That means that the default configuration has to be modified. This cannot be done via the GUI. Set up the configuration either via GUI or command line. Then use the command line to update the configuration: syncevolution --configure \               --sync-property syncURL= \               --sync-property SSLVerifyHost=0 \               --sync-property SSLVerifyServer=0 \               google