Help wanted: maintainers for Maemo and Mac OS X#

SyncEvolution 0.9 beta 3 is released and I still haven’t found the time to try out whether the 0.9 series still compiles on Maemo and Mac OS X. Unless someone with some skills in compiling software on those platforms and the necessary motivation steps up, these platforms might not be supported in the initial 0.9 release.

The HTTP transport from 0.8, libcurl, is still supported and compiled regularly. Internal API changes were made in the Mac OS X backend as part of the normal maintenance, without testing them yet. So chances are that it will compile and run without too much effort. If you are interested, the HACKING document contains sections on how previous releases were compiled - give it a try and help out fellow users by sharing the result!

Update 02.11.2009: a mail asking for help was sent to the Maemo developers list. The Mac OS X port requires a bit more changes, but there has been some progress. A permanent maintainer would still be needed, though.