New SyncEvolution Web Site#

The SyncEvolution team is pleased to announce our new web site and place to interact with the SyncEvolution community. Most of the content and documentation from our previous site ( has been migrated here. Let us know what you think!

For Users#

The documentation gives an overview of the project. It describes how to install SyncEvolution on different platforms and configure and run it. This is a summary in a few simple steps. The full documentation of the command line is also on-line. The compatibility page explains what platforms SyncEvolution runs on and which servers it works with. Known limitations are documented there as well as in the list of known issues. If you need help, then please let us know.

For Developers#

The development section of this site hosts the more technical information about SyncEvolution. It also describes how work is organized in this project and how to engage with the core developers.