SyncEvolution 1.3.2 released#

Minor (or major, if you depend on auto syncing) bug fix release. Automatic syncing only ran once and notifications were not translated.

* auto sync: only synced once ([FDO #56667]( A successful sync was incorrectly treated like a sync with a permanent failure, which prevents further automatic syncing.

  • auto sync: notifications were not translated The code which enabled localization of messages created by the D-Bus server was incomplete. Localization was only enabled accidentally through KDE if the KDE platform modules was enabled during compilation and installed.

  • HTTP Proxy: useProxy=0 overrides http_* env variables Previously, if http_proxy was set, a proxy was used even if explicitly disabled. This prevented disabling the use of a proxy which only made sense in some cases, like accessing something that runs locally. Explicitly telling SyncEvolution to ignore http_proxy is necessary because it doesn’t support no_proxy.

  • minor changes in testing and autotools files (missing Boost search path in gdbus* libs might have caused compile problems)

Upgrading from release 1.2.x#

The sync format of existing configurations for Mobical (aka Everdroid) must be updated manually, because the server has encoding problems when using vCard 3.0 (now the default for Evolution contacts): syncevolution –configure \ syncFormat=text/x-vcard \ mobical addressbook The Funambol template explicitly enables usage of the “refresh-from-server” sync mode to avoid getting throttled with 417 ‘retry later’ errors. The same must be added to existing configs manually: syncevolution –configure \ enableRefreshSync=TRUE \ funambol

Upgrading from releases before 1.2#

Old configurations can still be read. But writing, as it happens during a sync, must migrate the configuration first. Releases >= 1.2 automatically migrates configurations. The old configurations will still be available (see “syncevolution –print-configs”) but must be renamed manually to use them again under their original names with older SyncEvolution releases.

Source, Installation, Further information#

Source code bundles for users are available in and the original source is in [the git repositories]( i386, lpia and amd64 binaries for Debian-based distributions are available via the “stable” repository. Add the following entry to your /apt/source.list:

  deb stable main Then install “syncevolution-evolution”, “syncevolution-kde” and/or “syncevolution-activesync”. These binaries include the “sync-ui” GTK GUI and were compiled for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy), except for “syncevolution-activesync” which depends on libraries in Debian Squeeze, for example EDS 3.4. Older distributions like Debian 4.0 (Etch) can no longer be supported with precompiled binaries because of missing libraries, but the source still compiles when not enabling the GUI (the default). The same binaries are also available as .tar.gz and .rpm archives in [the download directories]( In contrast to 0.8.x archives, the 1.x .tar.gz archives have to be unpacked and the content must be moved to /usr, because several files would not be found otherwise. After installation, follow the [getting started](/documentation/getting-started) steps.