This page lists command-line and GUI frontends available for SyncEvolution, focusing on the ones officially supported by the main developers in the binaries available on and in MeeGo. Features that might be expected, but are not supported, are also listed.

The table starts with a general feature name and describes how SyncEvolution implements it, linking or pointing to further information whenever possible. Features introduced with a specific release of SyncEvolution or only available as described since a specific release are marked with that release number, like this: 0.9. For the sake of simplicity, only stable releases are considered. They might be mentioned already before the final release date.

Feature Implementation
Platforms all
Status Supported by core team.
Type command line tool
Dialog "syncevolution" utility provides full access to all configuration options (including those not normally exposed via GUIs), runs syncs as client, restores data.
Platforms Moblin and MeeGo Netbook (using MX widgets), Linux desktop (plain GTK)
Status Supported by core team.
Type full application
Implementation plain C, using GNOME technology, client of syncevo-dbus-server
Dialogs Main screen starts a sync or enters config dialog, shows sync progress and status. Config dialog sets up HTTP servers and Bluetooth devices. Dedicated dialog for error recovery (restore from backup, refresh from client or server).
Maemo GUI
Platforms Maemo 5
Status actively maintained by original developer
Type application, also does automatic sync in the background based on Maemo technologies
Implementation Python using Hildon, wraps around syncevolution command line
Platforms Linux desktop
Status actively maintained by original developer and a contributor
Type applet
Implementation Python using GTK, wraps around syncevolution command line (stable release) or calls syncevo-dbus-server (in development)
Dialogs Single icon indicating active sync, configuration wizard.