The SyncEvolution project was started by Patrick Ohly end of 2005 as a spare time project. Being a professional software developer (in all meanings of the word: studied computer sciences, acquired quite a bit of experience by now, tries to follow best known methods, and last but not least, gets paid for writing software), the main goals always were reliability and usefulness. Between 2009 and 2016, Intel sponsored the development by letting several developers, including Patrick, work on SyncEvolution full-time or at least part-time.

Key External Contributors#

  • Synthesis SyncML Engine - SyncEvolution would not be possible without it.

  • Ove K√•ven - Maemo port of SyncEvolution

  • Frederik Elwert - the Genesis GUI

  • Graham R. Cobb - ActiveSync enhancements

Intel Contributors#

  • Jussi Kukkonen: GTK GUI

  • Nick Richards: GUI design

  • Wu, Yong: server interoperability, core engine

  • Zhu, Yongsheng: server interoperability, core engine

  • Chen, Congwu: server interoperability, core engine (suspend/resume)

  • Gabriel Schulhof: MeeGo UX UI

  • Salvatore Iovene, Amarnath Valluri: core engine

  • Zheng, Yanshuang: QA core technology

  • Zhang, Jingke: QA sync UI